Lady of the Day- Tamir (Social Worker with a Passion for Service)

Today’s lady of the day feature is my sister friend Tamir who is someone that has played a MAJOR IMPACT in my life and the life of many others. I met Tamir in graduate school studying social work and it all started as “OMG! You’re a Christian too!!!“. She has a PASSION for social work, serving her community, FAMILY, leading praise and worship, mission trips, coffee, natural hair and many many more cool things….What I love most about Tamir is her love for God and His people and her family!
tamir 1
When did your passion for social work begin?

As a young child I was always very observant. I viewed how my parents (who are pastors) would help church members and members of our family. At a young age I knew I wanted to “help people” when I grew up. As I got older I went to my first mission trip to Mexico when I was 13 years old and seeing the need that was present, ignited my passion to help. I remember in the 8th grade two of my friends were not speaking to each other. I “tricked” both of them to come to my house at the same time and we locked ourselves in my room and I told them “we’re not leaving until this issue is resolved and you two speak about how you feel!” Looking back, I laugh and think how I have always loved to be a peace maker and help people fill their needs. In college I declared psychology as my major and urban studies as a minor. As I neared my graduation date I began to think of graduate studies. At the time I was unaware there was a social work degree. Thanks to the guidance of one of my advisors who knew the love I had for people, I was made aware of what a graduate degree in social work entailed and just knew it was the right decision. Here I am today, 5 years later, a practicing clinician and get to help people every day!

tamir 6

2. You are a youth leader, what draws your passion to serve the youth?

Oh, my youth! How I love them! (They laugh at me for calling them “my kids” at times.) Well, as a teenager I made plenty of mistakes. I had grown up hearing about Christ, but did not really know what it meant to have a true relationship with Him and live according to His will. Although I had my parents, we know developmentally teenagers get to a stage where they do not want to  socialize with their parents and I was one of them. I believe had I had a youth leader during those trivial years of my life I would have not made some of the mistakes I made. One of the things that draws my passion is being for them what I did not have at their age. Another thing that draws my passion to serve them is just how amazing they are! Young people are full of energy, creativity, passion, love, and desire to live. All of that channeled in the positive direction of serving and living for Christ , is extremely powerful. I am honored and blessed that they allow me to be a part of their journey.

tamir 2

3. What was the toughest challenge you faced in your life?

There have been many challenges and due to how real they were when they were present it is somewhat difficult to list which one of them has been the most difficult. However, one of those challenges that I can say has been the most beneficial once overcoming it, was the challenge of forgiving myself and letting go of the guilt I had carried for years. As a teenager as I said before I made some pretty bad mistakes, one of them I know had a great impact on my parents. Although I had received God’s forgiveness and my parent’s forgiveness, I had not forgiven myself. The guilt I carried impeded me from receiving God’s blessings in my life. I knew that. I just could not let go. In 2005 I attended a retreat where one of the speakers shared the message “freedom of guilt.” It was amazing how every word he spoke was relevant to what I was living through. It was challenge to understand and accept true forgiveness from God and myself. It was the most freeing experience and one that has had long lasting effects.

4. Who has had the major impact in your life?

Definitely my parents. My parents got married in their early 20s. Soon after their union, they moved from Dominican Republic to the United States in hopes of providing a better life for their future children. Little did they know it would be a 10 year process to conceive and give birth to their first child. Hearing others speak about the trials my parents faced during those 10 years is truly amazing. They speak about my mother and father never losing faith that God would give them the gift of becoming parents. Sure enough 10 years later I came along, followed by my sister and brother. Their faithfulness to the Lord is truly admirable. Their honesty and transparency is praiseworthy. Their love for people is expressed in everything that they do. They are my heroes.   

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 5. You have done mission trips to several countries, what is some advice you can give to those that are thinking about getting involved in a missions trip?

Don’t think about it too long and just do it! The experience received when being outside of your comfort zone and being a helping hand to those in need is life changing. Connect with a church or any other organization that are hosting mission trips and ask for information. Another thing that was helpful was having the support of those around me. If the mission trip requires funds that may be outside of your budget, write a letter where you state your passion and desire to go to the mission trip and distribute to friends, family members, and even strangers who are interested in helping a good cause. Upon your return, write thank you letters and include pictures and details of what you were able to accomplish by being God’s hands and feet. I would not have been able to go to the mission trips without the support of many who believed in my purpose as a part of that specific mission trip. God has been amazing!

tamir 4

 6. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself doing continuing work with youth and their families. I have a special place in my heart for parents of youth. I see myself as a bridge builder between the youth and their parents. I have a special interest for parents who come from other countries to raise their children in the United States and struggle with the generational and cultural differences between them and their children. I see myself being more intentional in my work with that population. I am also in the process of obtaining my clinical license as a social worker and be able to have my own clinical practice offering faith-based therapy. I see myself continuing to enjoy life with my Jesus, family, friends, and all my loved ones.

7. What is your favorite verse? 

This is a toughie! I have so many! One of them is definitely Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I have seen how as I continue to seek God and doing His will in my life, He truly does take care of every single detail of my life. His Word and promises are true!
Facebook – Tamir Reyes
Instagram – atmir23

Lady of The Day- Keanna (Missions and being a Misfit)

 Today’s woman feature is my sister friend Keanna. Strangely, we met via social media over a year ago and she has been an inspiration to me and many others. Her passion for reading books, mission trips and being a MISFIT. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming and seeing her passion for serving her community. No matter the distance, she and I continue to sharpen one another. We believe in SISTERHOOD.    keanna
1. Can you share about a mission trip that has impacted your life?
I did a mission trip in Uganda in 2010 (my very first mission trip and first time overseas) To say it was life changing is the least. My entire perspective on life changed drastically! I found myself more grateful for the “small blessings” like shelter, food, water, health, etc. I found it much harder to complain–and much easier to be grateful. My love for ministry enlarged during this time in Africa! I realized I could spend the rest of my life giving back. The craziest, mind boggling part of the trip was that myself and my team were sent there to spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ–but I left feeling like the people of Uganda had a bigger impact on my life! I had never felt such joy, love and contentment in my life… 
 keanna 4
2. What has been a challenging experience you faced in life and how did you overcome it?
I believe the most challanging experiences of my life occurred in my childhood. Growing up in a dysfunctional home–after  a while, dysfunction becomes the norm when that is what you experince in the early stages of life. When I REALLY found Christ, a lot of my wounds were exposed (God’s word is light! It brings life to dead/dark things)… And I was forced to deal with my past hurt through a lot of prayer, worship, counseling, reading, etc. I had to make a CHOICE that I didn’t want to carry around the baggage from my past! The hardest part was forgiveness-but once I began to really forgive, my healing began! I have overcome a lot concerning my past, however, this is a ongoing process! 
 keann 3
3. Name some of your favorite books to read?
 some of my fav. Books to read–anything inspirational/based in biblical principals! I love witty, transparent authors, I find them easier to relate to!! A few of my favorite books–Soul Detox and Weird by Craig Groeschel. Healing is a choice by Stephen Arterburn. Living  beyond your feelings by Joyce Meyers! Just to name a few.
4. Do you have any future projects you will be working on?
 I am currently working on my first book and launching my blog site soon and working on “MISFIT”. Stay tuned….
kean 2
5. What’s your favorite scripture?
My favorite passage– 1 Peter 5:10! Everytime I hear it, I get excited! Literally!  “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast”.
Keanna may be reached via email and IG: MeannaKarie

Lady of The Day- Sasha P (Author and Motivational Speaker)

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring my wonderful sister friend Sasha P. We met a little over a year ago at a Women’s Fellowship and she is a true example of PAIN birthing into her PURPOSE. Sasha has faced many trials during her childhood and adulthood years, but is a living proof that God can heal all wounds and use it for His glory. Read her story and connect with her.
  sasha 3
1. You recently launched your first book this year titled “Single, Saved and Young“, when did you know you were going to write this book?
 I first knew I was going to write a book about three years ago. I was sitting in my living room, and God dropped the title “Single, Saved & Young” in my spirit. At the time, I was all of that. I’d finally gotten to a place where I desired more of God. Where I was okay with being single (relationship status) and finally building a father/daughter relationship with my Daddy (God). Every now and again, I have to just pinch myself to make sure that it’s real. I did not know where I was going to get the finances to accomplish the things needed to put together to complete book. Nor did I have any, I mean no idea,  words that would make up the book. But God knew. The process of finishing the book was definitely not easy, but it has been worth it. 
 sasha 4
2. Any words of encouragement you can offer to young women that are single and waiting?
Don’t we all need it? (smiles). All I can say is, be patient. I think we all have this fairy tale in our minds of what marriage is. About meeting that special person and getting “that rock” on our ring finger. As someone who have been engaged, almost married, to now single; be of a good courage and wait. God wants the best for his daughters. Don’t get all caught up on what you see on T.V, or feel like you have to hurry up because you may feel your clock ticking. Or that you are getting old. My Apostle says it best. She says,  when we leave the choice to God he gives us his BEST. We are all single until marriage. In our time of being single, we are able to do sooooo much more for God. Not saying that I don’t believe that we will not be able to do much for God as wives. However, in your time of being single, you don’t have the responsibility of carrying the load of a household. So until then, don’t entertain these “boos” “boo boos'” “Snukums” “Bae”. Especially if you already know deep deep down inside that it’s not going anywhere. When its Gods best, you will know. As we all wait, be more focused on pleasing God and living a wholesome life.
ISHMAEL vs. ISSAC (Counterfeit vs. The Promise)
3. I know you are an overcomer, what are some struggles you faced and what helped you to overcome them?
As a child that grew up in a broken home, many of the things I struggled with/overcame came out of this. I grew up with my aunt in my home country Guyana. And did not meet my mom again until the age of 11. And met my father for the first time since I was 1 year old at the age of 10. I had a very dysfunctional relationship with my father, one that God is continuing to heal even now as an adult. I was a unhappy child, because I felt unwanted. And because of that, I began pondering on the different ways to kill myself. I remember pressing my body against a window that overlooked the front of our apartment building. a few stories up, hoping that the glass would break without me having to jump through it. I remember taking safety pins and scrapping it against my skin, because I had no other way to express my anger. I honestly do not know how I made it pass those things at that age. All I know is, that God always placed someone there to show me love. To care enough to want to know how I was doing. Took the time to tell me I was beautiful and that I was smart. To make a long story short, it was the love of God through someone that kept me. It gave me hope, even as a pre-teen/teenager to know that things will get better. And that I was actually someone important.
sasha 1
4.Tell us more about “My Scares Are Beautiful”.
“My Scares Are Beautiful” came forth after walking away from a three car accident with just a dash on my forehead. In April of this year I was on my way to work, and a speeding car slammed into my car from the back. This caused my car to be sandwiched between the car in front of me and the car that hit me. The car was totaled. As females, we can be super sensitive about who we are, and how we look. Our perception of self are usually way off. And because of the dash on my forehead, I felt unpretty. It was just this scare that stared back at me every time I looked in the mirror. Then God spoke to me one day, reminding me that it was the only thing I walked away with from the accident. That it could have been worst. And instead of looking at it in the negative, to look at it in the positive. The mark on my forehead was a reminder, that I was a SURVIVOR. Then he  spoke to me about the scares that so many of us have, that cannot be seen. But nonetheless, they are like reminders of what we have been delivered out of. And what we have overcome. At the end of it all….our scares are truly beautiful.
sasha p
5.What’s your favorite verse?
Can I give more than one? (Smiles). If I had to choose one, it would be Hab 2:2
” And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”
God has placed greatness in all of us. We just have to be in a place where we align ourselves tap into it (Jer 29:11). And I love this scripture because when we take a hold of what God gives us to do, he will give us the instructions needed to complete the task. That comes with catching the vision, writing it down, making it plain, and running with it. At each step the Holy Spirit leads. LOVE IT! Because it just shows how God is able to lead us to birth the things he gives us to do.
6.What are some currently projects you are working on?
Currently I’m getting ready to launch an outreach organization that focuses on the importance of serving and giving back. In addition to that, prepping to begin writing book number two.
 sasha 2
Sasha may be reached via:
IG: AuthorSashaP
Personal Facebook Page: Sasha Pilgrim
Organization Page: S.P-Organizations  (Purple logo as profile)
Email Address: Address

Lady of the Day- Marie (Calling All Ministry)

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring Marie. I met her at her very own ministry called Calling All Daughters and Sons. She has a passion for bringing people together, public health, vegan food and is a true worshiper. 



1. How did Calling All Daughters and Son begin?

Calling All Daughters and Son began on March 8th 2011, but was only Calling All Daughters at that time. “My desire was to get closer to God”. It started with 12 of my girlfriends and I wanted to create an environment where we support, empower and encourage people. I came to a point in my life where I no longer wanted “ratchet advice”, so this was a way for my friends to grow together. Few months later, two of my male friends said “we want to do this too”, so one day in June we had up to 30 people come to the monthly fellowship which was the beginning of Calling All Daughters and Son. Calling All is not just a monthly fellowship, but also a support group for different people and ministries. “I wanted to give people a platform to showcase their purpose”.


2. Marie, you are an OVERCOMER. Tell us more about your battle with depression in the past.

My love language is Acts of Service and I loved to give a lot of myself to others. Once I became overwhelmed, I started to deal with depression. I lost a sense of my self worth, became drained and fell into great depression. I felt very cold and couldn’t do anything. My battle with depression started after college and I was asking God “what’s next”. BUT ONE DAY, John Gray, the Christian comedian came to my church and said “God is never letting you go”. That day, I made it my declaration to God that I will never be in a state of depression again and to walk by faith and trust in Him. I gave God a battle cry and realized “MY PRAISE IS MY WEAPON“. That’s when I heard God said “I will never let you go, as long as you fix your eyes on me“. 


3. What are some upcoming projects you are working on?

I am working on being disciplined in different areas of my life. Whenever I get an idea, I submit it to God first. I am currently working on the business aspect of Calling All Daughters and Son Ministry and collaborating with other organizations. I am also working with various non-profit organizations to create sustainable workshops in Haiti. I am currently a consultant for Institute of Institute for Conscious Global Change and have a DEEP PASSION FOR HAITI. “I believe that Haiti can get back on their feet as long as we give them the tools to sustain their country”. 

4. You are a worship singer, can you tell us about an upcoming event you’ll be at?

Well, I am going to BELGIUM this Wednesday for the second time. Last year, I was singing back up for a stage play and I met some singers there that offered an opportunity to sing overseas. I did an interview and they said “Do you have a passport, we need someone with a passport that loves Jesus”. They then offered me a position to sing in Germany for three months, but I declined and told them if they had other opportunities, I would consider. They then told me about a one week experience in Belgium and I was able to travel with other great singers. 


5. What’s your favorite verse?

I have many favorite verses, but in this season it would have to be Acts 17:28. “For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.

Marie can be reached via:

Facebook – Marie Kerline Charles 

Facebook page for Calling All – Calling All Daughters 

IG – MkCharles

Email – 

Calling All is S.E.T. (Supporting, Encouraging, Teaching) in love. Calling All Daughters and Sons meet on a monthly basis for fellowship, but also has a calendar of events that occur. Please feel free to email Marie to join the mailing list to receive the newsletter. 


Picture taken at Calling All Daughters Natural Hair Care Event and Natural Hair Care Products Swap Party 



Marie pictured at Calling All Daughters, Far More Precious and Garments of Skin Fashionistas Swap Party 


Martha and Mary -Week 4 Study

Hello ladies,

So, I am a little late posting this week’s study. God kept placing Martha and Mary on my heart the past week and the word “BUSY”. In many ways, my life represents Martha and I have been super busy doing the “things of the Lord”, so I am learning daily to be MARY in a MARTHA world. Even though I planned on writing this week’s study on Martha and Mary, this video post truly blessed my life and felt it was best to share it with you all. As we are entering Thanksgiving, I challenge you to connect with people in your family and friends and not be distracted SERVING. Don’t allow the busyness of ministry to take away from the Holy Spirit ministering to your soul. Remember you are saved by God’s grace, not your works. Get connected with God and get yourself back at the feet of Jesus. XOXO

Bible reference: LUKE 10:38-41

Lady of the Day – Melissa (Do.Live.Be.More)

Today’s Woman’s Feature is my sister friend Melissa!!! She has a beautiful heart inside and out and is passionate about helping families with disabilities. Melissa is a TRUE OVERCOMER and I am looking forward to the DO.LIVE.BE.MORE Women’s Conference in January.

. Image

1. You are currently working with individuals with disabilities; can you tell us more about your experience?

I have always wanted to work with individuals with disabilities and was always interested in the field of counseling.  During my undergraduate studies, I was introduce to an Occupational Therapist who allowed me to shadow under her, as I wanted to earn volunteer hours for an Occupational Therapist program.   Through this volunteer experience, I was able to meet many children who were diagnosed with various types of disabilities.  I was able to observe how their families managed their little love ones’ disabilities and how some of these clients and parents who came into the facility were stressed and were in need of counseling.  From that moment, I decided to put on hold my OT degree and pursue counseling in hopes to counsel individuals with disabilities and their love ones who are impacted by their illnesses.  I found a great program at UMDNJ, (now goes by Rutgers, The State University) called Vocational Rehabilitation/Community Counseling, which will allow me to earn my Masters and teach me the skills needed for me to accomplish my goals.


2. Have you ever faced any difficulties in your life and what helped you to move forward?


Last year around this time, one of my uncles was diagnosed with Myeloma, which is a rare cancer of the blood.  After finding out about his illness, I decide to move in with him and his wife in order for me to monitor him and take him to his chemotherapy appointments.  In between taking care of him, dealing with some issues I had with some of my family members, and managing my life as a graduate student, I became extremely overwhelmed quickly. For about six months straight I was having difficulty sleeping, I had horrible migraine headaches, and worst of all, anxiety attacks.  The anxiety attacks started off very mild at first and would happen to me at least twice a week, and then they increased with intensity and frequency.  At one point, I can remember that I had it every day at least twice a day.  I remember running to the bathroom during classes in tears, wondering why I couldn’t get my heart to stop palpitating. I remember calling my boyfriend and having him calm me down and help me to catch my breath.  Other than him, I hardly told anyone about my frequent panic attacks even though for some, it was happening right in front of them and they did not even know it.  I was very concerned with how others would view me, and also I was very prideful, which is why I kept it to myself.  I wanted everyone to believe that I was fine and that I was a strong individual, while on the inside doubt, fear, and anxiety were blocking my lungs from breathing and were filling my mind.  

What helped me to move forward was THE WORD!  Instead of just praying for God to help me, I read the word of God and started to make note cards for me to carry around, throughout the day.  Verses such as Philippians 4:6-7, Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 10:5, and others were verses that I used to challenge the anxious thoughts and feelings.  From that experience, I learned that sometimes your answers to your problems can come directly from His word.  That semester, after getting my mind refocused on Christ I was able to earn all A’s in my classes and I have not had an anxiety attack ever since.  



3. You are a praise dancer, any words of encouragement you can offer to others interested in praise dancing?

For me, praise dancing is my way of my body singing songs of praise and worship to God.  If you’re interested in praise dancing l would encourage you to do the same.  I would encourage you to not just dance, but REALLY sing with your body. You can only do this by not just dancing with your hands, feet, and legs, but by also dancing with your heart, the core of you.  Make every move, a move that comes from the heart as you praise and worship our Heavenly Father.  I also want to encourage those who may feel that they can not praise dance because of their lack of professional training or because their way or style of dancing is different from most praise dancers styles.  I used to feel that way all the time and what I learned is that you do not need professional training nor should you compare your gift/talents to those of others.  Allow the Potter to mold you and watch how He uses your praise, to not only get the glory, but edify others.


4. You are hosting a women’s conference in January 2014, can you tell us more about it? 

THE DO.LIVE.BE More campaign is a 2-3 days young women’s campaign, which will assist all attendees to stay encourage, motivated, inspired, and most importantly, stay connected to other believers in the body of Christ.  By linking Christian resources to young women, they’ll have information of what is taking place in their community through out the year, so they can DO, LIVE, and BE MORE in 2014.  We have many different guest speakers who will talk about various topics such as relationships and dating, women’s health and wellness issues, building on faith, serving, and many more.  We will have motivational speakers come out with empowering words of encourage to help us start our New Years off on the right foot. Plus many different giveaways and surprises as well.   In addition to encouraging my sisters in Christ, the campaign will be  raise money to help provide resources to homeless young women and their infants at a Sierra House, which is a non-profit organization committed to serving young women from at-risk populations located in East Orange, NJ.  I would also love for these residents to attend and be inspired and encouraged, and find Christ if they do not already know Him.  So this is one of those events you do not want to miss!


5. Where did the theme Do.Live.Be. More come from?

On December 12th, I will be turning 25! When I started planning this milestone celebration, back in September, I was able to reflect on my life as well as my relationship with Christ, thus far.  In this moment of reflection I realized that I really need more of God.  I have learned in my walk with Christ that if I want more of Him then I needed to do more.  Things I felt I need to do more of was, fasting, praying, and seeking Him daily.  I also realized that I need to live more.  I needed to live healthier than how I was living last year and that needed to live my life as living sacrifice for God, more.  In addition to doing, and living more for my future years to come, I realized that I need to be more! I need to be more kind to not just my love ones, but those who can be very difficult to love and be kind to, at times.  I realized that I needed to be more productive in life and that I need to be all that God has called me to be.  My first idea was to then celebrate my birthday with my sisters from church and encouraging them to do, live and be more in the future year to come.  However, when I realized that there are also many other young women who have the desire to do, live, and be more in their lives and may not have the resources to achieve their goals, the idea came instantly! 


6. What is your favorite verse?

One of favorite verse is Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed”-NIV.  It helps to remind me with God all things are possible and that if I trust Him with everything, school, my relationship, and ministry, it will not fail! 




Melissa may be contacted via Facebook at Melissa Desir or via email at Please feel free to contact her about the DO.LIVE.BE.MORE women’s conference in January 2014 if you are interested in being a vendor, parterning with other organizations and/or being a guest speaker. Looking forward to seeing you lovely ladies there. XOXO

Lady of the DAY -Monique (Mother and Videographer)

Happy Monday!!! Today’s Monday feature is one of my dear friends from high school, Monique. Monique has a passion for videograpy and motherhood. Monique never let her past define her as a woman and overcame many obstables in her life. Please feel free to contact her if you are interested in videography.



1. When did your passion for videography started?

My passion for videography manifested deeper in 10th grade, 2002. I just love the art of telling a story and being able to put it together visually. I remember being sooo distraught because in Highschool, you could not start taking TV Studio classes until 11th grade lol. In the mean time, i’d film skits with friends and all of my English class projects would be in the form of a video.

2. You are a mother and business woman, how have you been able to balance it?

Definitely not easy. However, I’d say putting God in the forefront DAILY, praying for strength, planning ahead and having a good support system has been the key.

3. Was there ever any past pain you have overcame and what caused you to move forward?

Ohhhhh yes. 2 things:

1) I did not have my mother growing up due to drug use, so being the only girl with 5 brothers was a challenge.

2) I suffered from some serious Clinical Depression in 2006 and then again 2007 after the birth of my daughter and a breakup from my child’s father. What helped me move forward was PRAYER. I had many people praying on my behalf, great friends in my corner and just knowing that now I had a daughter to live for and did not want to repeat the motherless cycle

4 Who is your greatest inspiration?

Hands down-my father. That man has been a mother, father, sister, brother to me. His work ethic is amazing and his love for his children is indescribable.

5. If you could work with any producer in the world who would it be and why?

I like Anthony Mandlers Videography. He does a lot of music videos. I also love Spike Lee (not only because he is a die hard knicks fan) but his passion and message of his films are amazing.

6. How would you describe your line of work?

I wear many hats so i’d describe it under the umbrella of an Entrepreneur. I love business, building, planning, teaching, coaching, motivating. I’m currently an assistant General Manager of a hotel and also own a video production company which primarily focuses on weddings.  Marriage is a covenant by God and I enjoy being able to creatively capture such special moments.


7. What’s your favorite scripture?

This one sets the tone for my day:
“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation,[a]
    but deliver us from the evil one” Mathew 6:9-13

Monique may be reached visa social media and her business page

IG: Trubeauty929 (Currently under construction)