Naaman’s Little Maid…Could you do what she did? Women’s Bible Study

Hello Ladies,

Even before we made the commitment to leave all behind and follow Christ, we were warned that there would be times when we would have to stand ground and represent Christ; even if it means we must face death for it. But realistically speaking, slim to none, many of us have never been in that circumstance. Now applying that concept on a smaller scale- have you ever had a bad day at work or school…but at the same time had the opportunity to witness to a coworker, classmate but didn’t because you were so upset or having a “horrible day”. Think back to the most difficult periods in your life, during those tough times were you able witness and share God’s Grace with those in need? Probably not. We are emotional beings, especially as women and too many times we allow those emotions to dictate whether or not we want to share our testimony or bring someone to Christ with our words. It’s easy to talk about God when your life is great, when you’re having a good day, when you have boyfriend, when family isn’t sick etc… Who thinks to share the good news when bills aren’t paid, you are away from your family, nothing is falling into place in your life…doesn’t make sense right? Well, there is a huge lesson to be learned from Naaman’s Little Maid


Background  ( Scripture Reference: 2Kings 5:3)

This young girl was taken from her family and homeland of Israel. She was then ordered to be a slave maid to Naaman’s wife. Can you imagine what must have been going through her head? Prior to being captured before she was free and amongst her loved ones. Now she was forced to give up that freedom for slavery and dwell in a foreign place where serving her God was not the norm. I’m sure she had many sleepless nights, was extremely tearful, and questioned why her God would allow this to happen to her. Yet, despite all these emotions one can expect must have been brewing up in her, she did not abandon her faith. And moreover her declaration of God’s ability to heal Naaman’s leprosy through the prophet Elisha would end up bringing Naaman to God. I encourage you to take time now to read the chapter and come back to review the lessons listed below.


Three Major Points:

1.     Don’t let your circumstance or situation dictate your praise and your ability to minister to others.

a.     Stop thinking about yourself when hard times come or when you are hit with what seems so unexpected in your life. God knows what he is doing. And the word tells us constantly that we are vessels to be at God’s disposable for use at anytime. His every plan is perfect and timely, even when we can’t see it. For example, that young maid may have been captured for the sole purpose of saving Naaman. So stop going to work upset, attending school looking defeated, or walking around like you don’t serve an awesome God. Remember, our primary calling in this life to help bring lost souls to God. How can you do that when you are so focused on your situation?

2.     Walk in faith at all times, not just for yourself but for those around you.

a.     We spend too much time being selfish with our faith. We are always looking for God to do something for us. Learn to work your faith into other people’s lives. Naaman was a gentile, not even a believer of God. But the maid didn’t let that stop her from using her faith to declare healing into his life. It’s time we do the same. If we see someone struggling, share with him or her, the God that has the power to change their circumstance and declare through faith a miracle into their life! Let’s dare to be true women of faith and change our families, work places, and communities.

3.     Let your character speak volumes about your God.

a.     People need to see God in you through your actions not just your words. The fact that Naaman without hesitation listened to his wife’s maid when she said he would be healed if he went to the prophet speaks volumes into her character. First off, the mere point that she even showed concerned for the man who essentially is responsible for her being captured and made a slave speaks to the condition of her heart. Despite, her situation, she acted in love. And one can only believe that her actions prior to this situation were telling of her wholehearted kindness and goodness that Naaman would even consider taking her word. Ladies, we never know who is watching us, not hearing us, but watching us. Seeing how we act in the face of adversity, obstacles, and pain. Our actions are our biggest testimony. Remember live in such a way that when you do speak for God, people won’t question or doubt your loyalty to the one above. That’s how we will impact those around us and again act as vessels for God to show up in people’s lives.

So back to the question, Could we do what she did? 

Yes, I believe we can! And quite frankly opportunities to do just that are probably more frequent then we notice! Let’s be more aware of them and act accordingly! We are beautiful women of faith and purpose no matter what our circumstance is! And that is enough to make a difference in someone’s life! 

naaman wife

 This week’s study written by Magdala Chery


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