Lady of The Day – Yodit ( Within Ministry and Book Author)

 Today’s Lady of The Day feature is Yodit…so Yodit and I share ALOT of mutual friends and sisterhood from various ministries. A friend of mine Marie (Calling All Daughters and Son Ministry) was like “Mar, you need to get connected with Yodit). Yodit is an inspiration and I love her passion for helping young women especially her passion with bringing awareness to human trafficking. She has this radiant glow about her and her passion for life is very evident. Read her story and learn more about her journey.

    yodit 2

1.You are passionate about bringing awareness on human trafficking, can you tell me more about how that passion started and your organization Disturbed2Deliver?

 I used to say think that ignorance was bliss until God started putting on my heart this issue of sex trafficking. It began when I was studying abroad in Spain in college. I will never forget the line of girls that stood on either side of busy tourist streets in Barcelona. What caught my attention was that these girls were from West Africa. In my mind, logically, no person would voluntarily come to another country to just stand on a street. Nothing about it looked right. I knew that there was more than what met the eye. At that time, I had no idea that it would be called “trafficking.” I just knew that these girls looked liked they longed for freedom and I remember seeing the pain in their eyes. It was there I said that one day I would want to come back and open a shelter. My heart broke for them. To be stripped of their dignity because of the greed and lust of others irritated my soul. When I came back to the states, that’s when I found out that it was called sex trafficking. Fast forward 3 years later, I met my now dear friend and sister Beckie, and we shared the same passion. When we found out that it happened in the United States, we realized that this is something that needs to be heard. And that is when Disturbed2Deliver was birthed. This organization seeks to disturb our generation about this atrocity that is happening in our back yards. The fact that girls and boys are being deceived into a false sense of love and being stripped of their dignity so that someone can make money and another could feed their sexual appetite should disturb us. It should sicken us and it should cause us to desire to do something about it. Because I learned that ignorance is not bliss when it is causing another’s soul to be tortured. To find out more about our organization, check out our website


2. You also have a ministry called Within, has there ever been a time you felt discouraged with carrying out Within Ministry?

  I have to say MANY times I have felt discouraged to continue this ministry that I now I am confident God has given me. When it first began 4 years ago, the main component of WITHIN ministry is women being able to have an online platform to connect and receive encouragement and build sisterhood. I remember when I first began it and only a couple of girls were on after several months, I was very discouraged. I remember wanting to see many more girls on there and wanting to have engagement take place on the site. I clearly remember one day as I was praying to God about asking Him why should I continue, He clearly said to me that even if it were just one girl on the site, I needed to remain faithful to doing what He has called me to do! He reminded me that it’s when I am faithful over little that He will make me faithful over much. And while there have been many more times where I have felt so weary, God has always sent encouragement to keep me going. That’s the kind of God we serve: One who believes in the vision He has given you more than you can ever in your human mind muster the strength to, but He entrusts us and gives us the grace to carry His burden.

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 3. Has there ever been a challenge you overcame and what helped you to move forward?

What’s life without challenges right? One of the biggest challenges I’ve dealt with is in a relationship that I thought it was from God and REALLY —did I say REALLY—wanted to make it work. He was a man of God. I was a woman of God. He made me laugh. I made him laugh. He was serving the Lord faithfully. I was serving Him faithfully. I mean God—come on…why not? It hurt to have had to step away from the relationship because God revealed that it wasn’t the one He had for me. Sometimes, you do find yourself in a relationship where it’s not necessarily bad—you guys maybe doing things the right way, BUT if that is not the ONE God has for you—then every good intention is not worth it. And here is what I had to learn in order to overcome this. I had to resolve in my heart that if God is meticulous in every area of my life (which He is) then, I had to believe that He would be meticulous about this area of my life. You see, this area of my life is much more than my happiness. When we are in the kingdom of God, every decision we make doesn’t just affect us, it affects a KINGDOM. I had to learn the bigger story that I was a part of in order to understand that my story and the decisions I made would affect it. It’s not just about finding someone who is a man of God, but it’s about that decision allowing the work that He has begun in you to be completed. And sometimes, even the one who seems like He would be perfect may not be the one that could help you and you could help him finish the work God has started in both of you. And so I’ve learned, with many tears and questions and hurt, that my God knows what He wants for me. And I trust that He withholds nothing good from me. He had to give me a perspective change. And so to my dear sister or brother who may be struggling with why something didn’t work out—trust me when I tell you—God KNOWS what He is doing. Know that you are a part of a  bigger story! He has you and when He brings along the RIGHT one that FITS you for His Kingdom, you will know. Our job is to remain close to the heartbeat of Jesus.

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4. Your first devotional book “Everyday With My Maker” was recently released in November 2013, tell us more about this book and what made you decide to write this devotional book?

 So remember when I mentioned that I used to get discouraged with the WITHIN ministry and God said, “remain faithful to the few?” Well that few was devotional writing that I would do on the site that girls would receive daily. And these devotionals became a HUGE influence to many of the people that would read them. Little did I know that the grace He would give me to write these devotionals would one day allow me to create this devotional book.  Every Day with My Maker is a compilation of some of the devotionals I have written for over 4 years that allows people to see that God is a very engaging God. He is a God who desires to show Himself to us in the everyday moments and in the things that we experience and encounter. I have learned in my walk that when I chose to see and pay attention to God in my days and not just on a Sunday or midweek service, my love for Him grew. I began to see that He does speak. He does guide. He does protect. He does love. And it was through my choice to KNOW Him through my days. I have such a burden for those who may have been tainted by “religion” to encourage them and inspire them through my life to give the personal relationship with God a try. He won’t fail because I’ve learned that if you are really seeking Him, He wants to be found by you. And He will make Himself known to you. So that is what these set of devotionals do. They allow you to come into my experience with God through my every days and then allow you to see that HE can do the same for you. There are reflection questions as well as scripture to meditate on that cause you to draw near to your Maker. You can find this book on

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5. How do you remain balanced and what kind of advice can you give to others that are juggling several ministries, organizations and business endeavors?

Oh man. I have to say I am still learning. But I will say that the one,

 1. Balance comes in first having a DEEP passion for what you are doing. When it is something that is IN YOU to do, then it won’t seem like a burden. That is how I feel with WITHIN and Disturbed2Deliver and whatever I find my hands to do.


2. I will also say do NOT let ministry get in the way of your relationship with God. KEEP Him the focus. That will balance you because I’ve learned when you do that, then He will give you the strategy to move and make decisions on what and how to do things.

3. I have to say that I am still learning what REST is lol but I trust that I will get there…sooner than later. I realize that REST is very important. I know we say we have to “grind” but at the expense of what? Can’t be the body that God is using to do what He has called you to do. Trust me, I am still learning but I know that it is important. 

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6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

That’s a tough question and I will tell you why. Because 5 years ago I would have NEVER thought that I would be here. No idea. And I even had a 5 year plan all mapped out and not one came to pass except my graduating college lol! So I say that to say, I really don’t know where I will be in 5 years. Kind of scary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a vision. My vision is to continue being faithful to what God has given me to do. I want to see young women be confident in the God they serve. I want to see lives changed from the knowledge of sex trafficking and I want to see a generation rise to play a part in setting captives free! But for all I know, He could ask me to do anything. My deepest desire is to remain NIMBLE to His spirit and connected to His vine. That way, whatever I do in these next years, they are producing eternal fruit. I will say though—LORD—I would like to be married lol. That’s the honest truth. So hopefully that will come to manifestation—pray for a sister!! J

7. What’s your favorite verse?

 This is a VERY tough one. As I am maturing in God, I am falling more and more in love with His word!! One verse that has been so powerful in my life in this season comes from the MESSAGE version in 1 Corinthians 12:9:

“For no matter how significant you are, it is only because of what you are a part of.”

 Why is this my favorite right now? God is really helping me understand this concept of purpose and how when we recognize the GREATER story of LOVE, REDEMPTION, SALVATION, and HIS KINGDOM, then our stories will make sense. This is helping me really see life completely different and appreciate life even more because my purpose and worth comes in knowing that I am a part of something greater!

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Connect with Yodit:

 MAIN SITE: (There you will find out about the ministries as well as the Book)

Book is found on

“Every day with My Maker: A 30 Day devotional”

Twitter: @yobreezy (don’t judge me lol)





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