Lady of the Day- Marie (Calling All Ministry)

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring Marie. I met her at her very own ministry called Calling All Daughters and Sons. She has a passion for bringing people together, public health, vegan food and is a true worshiper. 



1. How did Calling All Daughters and Son begin?

Calling All Daughters and Son began on March 8th 2011, but was only Calling All Daughters at that time. “My desire was to get closer to God”. It started with 12 of my girlfriends and I wanted to create an environment where we support, empower and encourage people. I came to a point in my life where I no longer wanted “ratchet advice”, so this was a way for my friends to grow together. Few months later, two of my male friends said “we want to do this too”, so one day in June we had up to 30 people come to the monthly fellowship which was the beginning of Calling All Daughters and Son. Calling All is not just a monthly fellowship, but also a support group for different people and ministries. “I wanted to give people a platform to showcase their purpose”.


2. Marie, you are an OVERCOMER. Tell us more about your battle with depression in the past.

My love language is Acts of Service and I loved to give a lot of myself to others. Once I became overwhelmed, I started to deal with depression. I lost a sense of my self worth, became drained and fell into great depression. I felt very cold and couldn’t do anything. My battle with depression started after college and I was asking God “what’s next”. BUT ONE DAY, John Gray, the Christian comedian came to my church and said “God is never letting you go”. That day, I made it my declaration to God that I will never be in a state of depression again and to walk by faith and trust in Him. I gave God a battle cry and realized “MY PRAISE IS MY WEAPON“. That’s when I heard God said “I will never let you go, as long as you fix your eyes on me“. 


3. What are some upcoming projects you are working on?

I am working on being disciplined in different areas of my life. Whenever I get an idea, I submit it to God first. I am currently working on the business aspect of Calling All Daughters and Son Ministry and collaborating with other organizations. I am also working with various non-profit organizations to create sustainable workshops in Haiti. I am currently a consultant for Institute of Institute for Conscious Global Change and have a DEEP PASSION FOR HAITI. “I believe that Haiti can get back on their feet as long as we give them the tools to sustain their country”. 

4. You are a worship singer, can you tell us about an upcoming event you’ll be at?

Well, I am going to BELGIUM this Wednesday for the second time. Last year, I was singing back up for a stage play and I met some singers there that offered an opportunity to sing overseas. I did an interview and they said “Do you have a passport, we need someone with a passport that loves Jesus”. They then offered me a position to sing in Germany for three months, but I declined and told them if they had other opportunities, I would consider. They then told me about a one week experience in Belgium and I was able to travel with other great singers. 


5. What’s your favorite verse?

I have many favorite verses, but in this season it would have to be Acts 17:28. “For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.

Marie can be reached via:

Facebook – Marie Kerline Charles 

Facebook page for Calling All – Calling All Daughters 

IG – MkCharles

Email – 

Calling All is S.E.T. (Supporting, Encouraging, Teaching) in love. Calling All Daughters and Sons meet on a monthly basis for fellowship, but also has a calendar of events that occur. Please feel free to email Marie to join the mailing list to receive the newsletter. 


Picture taken at Calling All Daughters Natural Hair Care Event and Natural Hair Care Products Swap Party 



Marie pictured at Calling All Daughters, Far More Precious and Garments of Skin Fashionistas Swap Party 



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