Lady of the Day- Brigitte (The Self L.A.W.)

Today, I am so happy to present to you Monday’s Lady of The Day Brigitte. Brigitte and I met at a mutual friend’s monthly women fellowship. She is beautiful on the INSIDE and OUT and has an awesome testimony to share. She is transparent about her walk with Christ and helping others walk a life in purity.



1. Can you share a brief description of your testimony?

“Growing up I battled with depression and suicidal thoughts.  I even tried to take my life at one point.  I was in a dark place, but I started to pray even more after that incident and little by little I started to find my way. I grew up kind of torn with religion.  Some of my family was Catholic and some were Jehovah Witness. I didn’t know which direction to walk in.  I loved both sides of my family and saw such genuine hearts inside of both of them.  I just didn’t feel that complete peace on which direction to walk in. So I decided to pray and pray asking God which direction He wanted me to walk in and what church I could grow in. Little by little as the years went on, God started placing other believers in my path, and I started visiting different churches. Back in 2010 I decided to visit Abundant Life Family Worship Church in New Brunswick with a friend, and after a couple months my heart was at peace. I decided to join the church and started to take this walk with God a little more seriously. While seriously going to church at this point, I was still living my life, half in the world/ half in church.  I was going to Sunday services but still in a relationship where I was having premarital sex and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing.  I was going to Sunday services BUT STILL getting sloppy drunk the night before.  As time went by, and mistakes occurred, I decided to give up on the world and completely dedicate my life to Christ! Glory to GOD! I saw that what society was promising me was all empty promises.  I no longer wanted to get hurt because of mistakes that the bible was already warning me about . . . . I no longer wanted to live to please the enemy; I now wanted to live to please God!


2. Where did your vision of Self L.A.W. come from?

“A couple years ago after a break up I started to realize that I didn’t know my own self worth.  I was getting my identity from my relationships with men.  I was seeking approval from a person and therefore I was confused and insecure.  So God gave me the concept of SELF L.A.W….  L.A.W. being an acronym for Love, Awareness, and Worth.  In order for me to love myself I had to get to know myself and then I would finally realize my self worth.  I noticed that before getting to know myself, I had to FIRST get to know GOD. Getting to know God helped me understand who HE created me to be! With this website I aim to bring 100% transparency and hope!  I will bring up topics that I’ve noticed other people shy away from, topics that both nonbelievers and believers go through (sex,drugs,alcohol,etc). I want people to learn from my mistakes, other people’s mistakes, and be aware of the lies that society tries to tell us! I want people to realize there self worth and then genuinely realize and LOVE who God created them to be!”


3. You are currently in a Godly relationship, how has this relationship been different from ungodly relationships? 

“This relationship has been different from other ungodly relationships because we aren’t idolizing one another.  In relationships that I was in, in my past, I realized that I would idolize the man.  I was living to please him and he was living to please me.  We didn’t even know what we truly wanted or what we were “suppose to want”.  See how confusing a relationship like that can be?!?! Similar to other relationships we hear of huh? …. Not only was I idolizing the person I was also sharing my body with them. Something SO precious, I was giving away to a man just because he was my “boyfriend”.  I thought a “boyfriend” was a commitment, because that’s what we learn in society.  But there was no commitment there, because we weren’t married!  So the relationships would end and I would be left feeling empty and like a piece of me was missing.”

4.You both have decided to WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE to share your FIRST KISS, what kind of boundaries have you both placed?

“In my courtship we have decided not to kiss because we see kissing as being a small flame that can lead to a huge fire!  One simple kiss will lead us both to eventually want to have sex.  The bible tells us not to have sex until marriage so we have set some strict boundaries, and not kissing until marriage was one of them. Other things that have helped us this year together is…. 

1. We are never in a house together unless other people are home with us and we only stay in the living room, never in a bedroom. 

2. We are OPEN with one another and how we are feeling that day. For example, we keep it real with one another if I am having one of those days where I just want to kiss him, I tell him he has to leave early and he respects that and leaves. As well as if he tells me he’s having “one of those days” and he has to leave early, I respect it too.

3. We pray daily! We fast weekly (we have one day out of the week that we fast, pray, and get deep into the bible.).

4. We seek accountability weekly. (Accountability- a married couple who helps us stay on track, teaches us, and prays for us.)  They talk to us about how we’re feeling and help us build a strong foundation for marriage. We are always reminded that this season of Courtship, is exactly that, just a SEASON! Seasons pass, and one day we will be married and able to kiss, have sex, and enjoy all of that together! We’ll be able to do all of that while still pleasing GOD which means we’ll have that peace!”

5. What’s your favorite scripture?

“In my courtship we have a foundational scripture that has kept us grounded. Which is Hebrews 12:11:

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” -(Hebrews 12:11)

 This scripture not only helps me in my courtship but I have also been able to apply it to my personal life. It blesses me over and over again!”

6. Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

“Currently I’m working on a section on the website where I am going to be selling snapback hats as well as other accessories.  20% of the money earned on the website monthly will be given to a specific shelter. I’m so excited about this new venture! Excited to be able to give back to shelters, maybe link up with other ministries to help out, and volunteer our time!”


Several ways to contact Brigitte


Instagram: @MsBrigitteV

Facebook: Brigitte Valentin


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