Abigail: Woman of Wisdom -Week 1

Scripture references:  1 Samuel 25, Proverbs 31:11-12, and I Peter 5:8-9

Welcome ladies to our online bible weekly discussion. This week’s focus is on Abigail, so grab your bibles, pens, journals, tea and some worship music. Here we go!!! 

Background story:

In the book of 1 Samuel 25, you will read about an amazing woman the bible describes as intelligent and beautiful (verse 3) named Abigail. Even though the story of Abigail is only covered in a small portion of the Bible, there is so much we, as women can learn from this woman. Abigail was married to a man named Nabal who is described as a man who is thoughtless, self-absorbed, arrogant and wealthy. Some of you may be wondering “Why is a beautiful and wise woman like Abigail married to a man of such kind?”. Well, I pray that this passage in the bible speaks to your heart and the heart of many people because there is so much we can learn from Abigail. 

 So here’s a little background information about the story of Abigail. There was a man named David who protected the flocks and herds of Nabal and requested to receive favor from Nabal. Nabal mocked David and questioned his anointing as future king. David got his army of men and was ready to destroy Nabal and his family. However, David encountered Abigail, who plead with David gracefully on behalf of her husband and provided him and his army with goods. Abigail used wise words in the middle of a tense situation. Abigail did not let anger fester in the heart of these men, but used her words for wisdom. Even though Abigail knew her husband dealt with many ungodly traits, “she does him good, and not harm” (Proverbs 31:12). Abigail responded immediately and graciously with kind words to David. 

Devotional Challenge:

Have you ever been in a difficult situation or felt like you were mistreated by others? Maybe you are currently experiencing many emotions from a stressful situation, but don’t know what to do. Maybe you said some harsh words to your spouse, boss, friend and regret not responding out of love. Remember God cares about your emotions, even the bad ones and is waiting for you to come to Him with the battles you are facing. By reading the story of Abigail, you should take a closer look at how she handled a stressful situation. When you are faced with conflict, don’t react in fear, but in faith. Allow God to deal with your heart and learn how to fight your battles in prayer. Don’t let the enemy have his way in your life. Just like Abigail, you can use your words to bring peace to a stressful situation. Even though Abigail was married to a hot-headed man like Nabal, she always presented Nabal in a positive light which is a true example of a godly woman. Just like a Proverbs 31 woman, you can use your words to bring good to your spouse, children, family, friends, colleagues, etc when you don’t feel like they are deserving. Remember God’s grace is not only for you, but for others too. Extend love and grace to others.

Questions for week 1 to focus on.

1. Describe Abigail’s based on 1 Samuel 25:1-13

2. What are some of the qualities described in Chapter 25 that you can identify yourself with?

3. When faced with trials and tribulations, do you respond in a manner that pleases God?

4. What can you do differently, to enhance your spiritual growth?

5. Meditate on 1 Peter 5:8-9 and adapt new ways of dealing with adversity. 


Thanks for reading. This coming Monday (11.4) and Wednesday (11.6) look out for our extraordinary women features on the blog. Far More Precious is excited about connecting with other women and learning the true meaning of sisterhood. 


Marline F.


7 thoughts on “Abigail: Woman of Wisdom -Week 1

  1. Reblogged this on Get Give Grow and commented:
    Far More Precious is hosting a bible discussion for the month of November! 8 weeks of Great Women in the Bible! Here’s week 1 be sure to go to the site and follow her blog to stay updated with what the organization has going! Be blessed & Get, Give, Grow!

  2. As I considered the passages in the story of Abigail, I am reminded that one of the names of God is El Roi — the God that sees me. He is not oblivious to relationships and how his bride is being treated. It says he holds us as the apple (the very center) of his eye. We are to put on the gospel of peace as part of our daily armor and rest in our Lord. Vengeance is in his court, not mine! Peace is in mine.

  3. One of God’s names is El Roi; he sees his bride and is not oblivious to relationships. We can put on that piece of daily armor — gospel of peace (Ephesians 6) — with it we are not held down, rather we go places. Our feet are ready to go because our peace is in Jesus.

  4. Awesome start to the study! Can’t wait to read about more amazing women in the bible and apply many of their traits and characteristics to my own life!

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