Moving Forward- Fear Can’t Stop You!

How many times have you allowed fear to stop you from writing that book, releasing that song, losing weight, furthering your education, saving your marriage, traveling to a foreign country, starting an organization, etc.? Oftentimes, we have dreams and visions we want to fulfill but we let FEAR stop us from moving forward. Fear is defined as “to be afraid of (something or someone) that is likely dangerous, painful or threatening”.

Fear blocks the blessings that God has in store for you. Fear makes you remain stagnant and mediocre. Fear will have you believing you are not good enough to achieve the visions that were placed deep down in your heart. You can break down the walls of fear by speaking life into your situation. How exactly do you “speak like” into your situation? Well, by believing by faith that God will help you do everything you were called to do. Isaiah 41:13 says “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you”.

So many people are scared to move forward because they are too busy worrying what “others” will think. If you are stuck worrying about what your critics will think, you will never move forward to fulfilling your purpose. Don’t let the opinions of others hinder you from walking into your purpose and moving forward.  Some fear they don’t have the resources or funding to accomplish the goals, visions and dreams. But remember, God has given you a promise and He will place the right people in your life to help you achieve those goals. Don’t limit yourself to what God can do for you. God is a God of favor who loves to give to His children and you are one of them. No matter how big the goal is remember He wants to help you.





Challenge: Today, I challenge you to write your goals out on paper and ask yourself “Have I allowed fear to stop me from chasing after my goals?”. If so, spend time in prayer and ask God to help you overcome fear and to walk BOLDLY in your purpose.



-Marline F.


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